Tue. 4/25 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar 8-10p

Wed. 4/26 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 4/27 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Tue. 5/2 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar

Wed. 5/3 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 5/4 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Sun. 5/7 - The Market Place Brunch 11-2p

Tue. 5/9 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar 8-10p

Wed. 5/10 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 5/11 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Fri. 5/12 - WXYZ Lounge @ Aloft Hotel 8-11p

Sun. 5/14 - The Market Place Brunch 11-2p

Tue. 5/16 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar 8-10p

Wed. 5/17 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 5/18 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Tue. 5/23 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar 8-10p

Wed. 5/24 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 5/25 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Fri. 5/26 - WXYZ Lounge @ Aloft Hotel 8-11p

Tue. 5/30 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar 8-10p

Wed. 5/31 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 6/1 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

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Jamming with Michael Winslow

This video is from a jam we did following the Nine Mile (Bob Marley) Festival in Miami.  Michael performed a comedy show Sunday at the Improv in Coconut Grove. The Kevens band and Julian Marley played an acoustic set there as well.  This was an impromptu jam after Michaels set and it was tons of fun.  Michael is best known for his mouth sound roles in Police Academy and Spaceballs.  I also learned he was the voice of Stripe in the Gremlins and played trumpet for 10 years.  He was discovered for Police Academy while opening for Count Basie. 
 Michael is an inspirational fellow experimental musician and a great guy.  Right now his rig consists of Boss pedals (distortion, delay, flange, and octave), but he just got a Boss looping pedal as well.  I suggested he get a great small preamp - compressor combo like the FMR RNP and RNC.  I use these in the studio and they sound great.  Imagine what he could do with ableton! Hopefully our paths cross again soon.


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