Thu. 3/23 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Tue. 3/28 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar

Wed. 3/29 - Asheville Ableton User Group Meetup and AMP social @ the Boat House @ Smoky Park Supper Club 6p

Wed. 3/29 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 3/30 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-9p

Fri. 3/31 - WXYZ Lounge @ Aloft Hotel 8-11p

Sat. 4/1 - Omni Grove Park Inn with Caro Mia 8-11p

Tue. 4/4 - Jon Henry's vintage swing jazz @ 5 Walnut Wine Bar

Wed. 4/5 - The Lobster Trap 6:30-8:30

Wed. 4/5 - Evil Note Lab @ One Stop AVL 10-1a

Thu. 4/6 - The Market Place Restaurant 6-90p

Fri. 4/7 - WXYZ Lounge @ Aloft Hotel 8-11p

Sat. 4/8 - The Business private event


Free MuRF EP and TouchOSC/Osculator templates

THE MuRF EP by benhovey

I wanted to share this free experimental EP I made when I was beta testing the Moog Midi MuRF pedal.  It's capable of some amazing textures and is inspiring to use.  I use it here on the trumpet, farfisa, wurli, breaks, and even as an echo chamber (feedback from speakers->mic->murf->speaker->mic->murf...).  

I also wanted to share a Midi MuRF iphone, Touch OSC/OSCulator interface I made for those wanting to control your MuRF remotely.  You need a Midi MuRF, idevice, TouchOSC, and OSCulator to run it.

As an added bonus I will include this rough ipad little phatty template as featured in the following video.  I don't own an ipad, so this was made without being able to test it.  Therefore, it is a little buggy, but fun nonetheless!



Jamming with Michael Winslow

This video is from a jam we did following the Nine Mile (Bob Marley) Festival in Miami.  Michael performed a comedy show Sunday at the Improv in Coconut Grove. The Kevens band and Julian Marley played an acoustic set there as well.  This was an impromptu jam after Michaels set and it was tons of fun.  Michael is best known for his mouth sound roles in Police Academy and Spaceballs.  I also learned he was the voice of Stripe in the Gremlins and played trumpet for 10 years.  He was discovered for Police Academy while opening for Count Basie. 
 Michael is an inspirational fellow experimental musician and a great guy.  Right now his rig consists of Boss pedals (distortion, delay, flange, and octave), but he just got a Boss looping pedal as well.  I suggested he get a great small preamp - compressor combo like the FMR RNP and RNC.  I use these in the studio and they sound great.  Imagine what he could do with ableton! Hopefully our paths cross again soon.



new flyer for the indigo sessions

This schedule is generally on, but check the site for the exact dates as some other gigs are coming up.  This Saturday I'll be doing a swing gig, so I'll play at the hotel Friday 9-midnight and Sunday 7-10.  The music will be more uptempo for the later time slot Saturdays and more lounge/downtempo on Sundays.  Hope to see you there!



soundcloud sharing

Just wanted to share some music I've been working on. I think soundcloud is a great service for sharing music. The iphone app needs a little bit of work, but overall I dig it.

Latest tracks by benhovey



Welcome to my home page.  I am a sonic scientist, music technologist, trumpet player, keyboardist/synthesist, engineer, producer, and teacher.  I have spent my entire 33 years on this earth plane in obsessive dedication to this aural pursuit.  This site is my humble attempt to share my music, thoughts, and knowledge accumulated during this magnificent ride called life.  Thanks for stopping by.

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